Eating Out For Less: How To Do Life On A Budget!

When it comes to eating out for less you can honestly do it on my budget. That's because of the fact that you need to know the ways that you can eat out and still be on a budget. if you made a habit of dining out every other night you can seriously put some strain on your finances. Especially if you were a student on a loan budget! If you want to start pinching some pennies and still eat out, there are great ways to do this below.


Look For Deep Discounts

Many restaurants offer voucher codes and coupon codes online that can help you save when it comes to eating out on a budget. Those coupon codes are often found for free online, too! Simply click the link below and you can find loads of coupon codes and discounts for you when it comes to dining out: Five Guys. That's right, restaurants like five guys have all kinds of eats that will definitely help you eat like a king or queen on a budget.


Join A Loyalty Club

Many restaurants these days also have a loyalty club that you can join for free just by signing up using your name and email. Of course, if they serve alcohol at they might require you to be of age. Most of these discounts often come in the form of percent off, as well as dollars off, and even free items like a birthday dessert. You should definitely check out your favorite restaurant loyalty clubs when it comes to eating out on a budget.


Don’t Go All Out

A great way to save big when it comes to dining out his to not go whole hog. If you stay a little bit reserved with your meal selection you can eat out or less. Go for a big meal, eat half, and take the other half home for dinner. Alternatively, choose a large appetizer and side salad - and you’ve got a great meal for even less! When dining at restaurants like Five Guys you can share sides like french fries and dine for less too.


Avoid The Sit Down Trap

Many people simply forget that eating out also means a tip. A tip means a percentage of your bill is to be calculated to give your waiter or waitress because of the service you have received. To better understand tipping, you should also know that restaurants are allowed to pay the service staff below minimum wage as it’s a tipping industry. If the staff does not receive tips they make grossly below minimum wage, as low as $3.25 an hour. The customary tip in the U.S. is between 15-20% of the total price of the bill. So, if you are on a budget - order more conservatively priced items. This can help you stay within your budget, and a great rule of thumb is to avoid costly drinks like sodas or tea. They can add $4.00 to your final total. Tap water is free!